In Home Training

Does your dog’s behaviour cause you embarrassment when out in public? Maybe they have an outburst every time they see another dog or person, or they are just too excited to walk nicely and sit while people walk past.

We can help, plus to ease the stress, we will come to your home.

There are so many benefits to in home training, our behaviour consults are tailored to meet your goals.

We love to see the progress made throughout the consult period, dogs learning to how to respond to their people and clients understanding their dogs. Just imagine being able to walk your dog without the embarrassment, where you can’t wait to get home from work and go for a walk with your best friend.

Let us help you with our training package

Our consult package includes 3 consults: 1 x 2hr consult and 2 x 1.5hr consult for $500 (a $50 deposit is required on booking). Additional consults can be arranged at discounted price as needed.

Why do we offer a consult package? A consult needs to be tailored to your wants and needs. Everyone’s goals are different as are their dogs. What we do want, is for you to meet these goals. Single consults just don’t provide the success that people want. We want to see you walking the dog down the street with you both happy and relaxed.

Will I need more consults? We find 3 is a good starting point, but some dogs have more than 1-2 behaviour issues. As more problems take longer to fix, we offer discounted consults that go above the package. Before we book we ask you to complete a questionnaire, and together we can identify if more consults may be required.

When do I pay? Payment plans are available with automatic credit payments on an agreed schedule over a 1-month period.

We help with:

  • Reactivity
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Recalls
  • Toilet Training
    Home Manners
  • Digging and Separation Distress
  • Jumping Up

To discuss your needs and goals please contact us.

Do you have kids? Check out our Family Private Training Program

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Please note:

Booking online will only guarantee your day but not the time. This is due to the calculation of travel time. We will contact you to confirm times.