Surviving Puppyhood Workshops

That cute little puppy got you chasing your tail?

We’ll help you survive (and enjoy) puppyhood and help you grow your pup into the well-behaved adult companion you look forward to

Our 45minute workshops are designed to assist you in raising a happy and behaviourally healthy puppy. Relief from the general and specific frustrations of raising a puppy.

Cost of each workshop is $20. No membership required.

Pups must be 16 weeks or younger to attend.

Problem Solving

Make short work of toilet training, stop puppy from using you – and your furniture – as chew toys.

A focus on Toilet Training, Puppy Biting and Chewing/Destructive behaviours,

Fun and Friendly Forever

Ensure your pup grows into a dog you can truly enjoy – friendly, relaxed, well-behaved, and fun!

A focus on Socialisation and Habituation, using fun games and activities to build confidence.

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