Barky N' Lunge-y

How would you describe your dog’s reaction to other dogs in the street?

How about Barky and Lunge-y?

Here are the sessions you have been looking for. Canine Interaction has a program especially for these “Barky N Lunge-y” dogs.

We are offering sessions with 2 dogs at a time. We will be teaching you the skills to manage your dog in public while also working a behaviour modification plan to help your dog learn how to be appropriate around other dogs.

These short sessions give us the ability to work dogs without overwhelming them. We use space to help them feel safe. Over the course of multiple sessions your dog will also be meeting different dogs. Helping to generalise their training to all dogs and not just 1 well trained dog.

There is a online component before you can commence to ensure you understand how we will be working with you and your dog. This will be sent to you once you book your first session.

Not all dogs are suitable, we ask all those interested in Barky N Lunge-y to complete the questionnaire here.

Sessions are 30mins long, the cost is $50.

The following packages are also available: 5 Sessions $ 225 or 10 sessions $450

Bookings are essential and all participants must complete an online orientation session prior to attendance: book online here.

If you have any questions please contact us.