Level’s FAQ’s

What is membership and when does it expire?

Our memberships are just like a gym. Once a member you can attend any session you like. There are still maximum numbers for classes so you do need to book. But you can attend 1 session a week or 3.

Each membership has a different expiry. Diamond is a 3 month membership paid in monthly installments, Silver 3 months and Gold 6 months, both paid up front. During this time you can attend any class at your level (or lower).

How do I book?

Bookings are essential.
The first step is to become a member. You can do that here. Once you have paid your membership you can access the online portal or use the member app to reserve a spot in each class. Each session needs to be booked individually. You will not permanently hold a position in that time slot for your membership period.
You can book your sessions here.

Why do I have to book into sessions individually?

We understand this can be a bit fiddly. However we want to ensure that all our members have access to the time slots that suit them the best. If someone holds a session and they don’t show up, someone else misses out.
We prefer if people book only the week of the session, however you can book ahead, but please cancel your booking (online in the portal) if you can not attend.

There is a training break in my membership period. What happens with my expiry?

As we all do, the trainers need a break every now and then. Our major break is over the Christmas and New year holidays. If your membership period is over this time your membership is put on hold. You will never be short changed by a closure.

Can I attend Puppy School?

Our Surviving Puppyhood Program is run separately to our membership levels program. You do not need to have a membership to attend. Puppies must be between 8-16weeks to attend.

Did you just get an older pup but struggling with biting and toilet training? If your puppy is too old to attend you can come to the Puppy program puppy-less. You will learn and you can work on the issues at home.

I’m going on holiday will I fall behind?

With Levels you will never fall behind, you move up a level when you and your dog are ready. The dog’s in the class might be different when you return, but you will not need to catch up or start again in a new course. Just jump straight back in on your return.

If your trip is longer then a week or two we can credit your account for the time missed. This is limited to once a month unless approved individually.

When can I start training my dog in the Levels program?

You can start as soon as there is an open position. Generally this is the same week as you are ready. However there are times like Christmas Holidays when we give the trainers a well deserved break.

If you would like to see how it works, there are Free Trial classes offered every 2 weeks.

What is the hot/wet weather policies?

No one enjoys working outside in extreme weather conditions – particularly our dogs.

For this reason we will cancel classes due to weather.

Weather observed via the BOM website

Hot Weather:

Daytime classes: If the forecast temp, at 6pm the night before, is 35 or higher classes are cancelled.

Evening classes: If the current temp is 35 or higher at 4pm classes will be cancelled.

Canine Interaction maintains the right to cancel if the weather is considered inappropriate for the dogs to be working outside of these conditions.

Wet Weather:

It is harder to put a blanket rule on wet weather. Continuous wet and wild weather will cause us to cancel.

We will always post weather cancellations and updates on our facebook page. View Here

Should your preferred session get cancelled more than twice in any single month we will add a credit to your account.