Does your dog need better manners?

  • Want to take your dog to the beach or dog park but your dog refuses to come back?
  • Want to go on daily walks but don’t because your dog’s behaviour is embarrassing?
  • Are you pregnant and want to know the best way of introducing your dog to your new baby?
  • Is your dog the final addition to your family and you want your kids and dog to be best friends?
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Canine Interaction can help you to address these issues and much more!

We are a family friendly, force-free dog training group. Our methods can be used safely by the whole family and with all types of dogs.

We run training courses at multiple experience levels and on a variety of skills.

Please look around our site and if you have any other questions contact us, we are happy to help!

Our Philosophy

Force-Free and Positive Reinforcement Training

Our philosophy is to do no harm. Force-free training is a way of training that only uses Positive Reinforcement methods. There are no harsh verbal or physical corrections. The dog learns to do what they are asked because it is rewarding and understands what we want.

At Canine Interaction we will show you how to use scientifically proven learning theory methods, how to clearly communicate with your dog and the benefits of doing so. There should be clear rules and guidelines but these can be kept in place calmly and gently.

As part of our training philosophy we do not use choker collars, slip chains, prong collars, or any device that causes pain or stress. If you have a very strong dog we may recommend humane equipment like head collars and harnesses but find that most dogs learn best on a normal collar, when taught with patience.

Check out our Links page for more content on Positive Reinforcement training.

If you have any questions about force-free positive training please contact us.


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2 weeks ago

Canine Interaction
This is perfect. I love How to train your dragon.Why is the dragon training world so much further ahead in training?Seriously though, did you know dragons are trained with positive reinforcement? Hiccup Horrendous Haddock lll, the dragon master, is a positive reinforcement trainer / Dragon Behaviourist. Want to be like the dragon master himself? Hiccup spends a large amount of time doing a behavioural assessment of Toothless. Here are some of Hiccups techniques:Systematic Desensitization: Hiccup uses systematic desensitization (combined with some counterconditioning) to touch toothless for the first time. Hiccup begins to get Toothless habituated to his presence and slowly moves closer and closer until he can touch Toothless for the first time. Being sure not to use flooding or push him over threshold. Finding the right reinforcement (reinforcement assessment): Hiccup spends a lot of time trying to sort out what Toothless finds reinforcing. During this process he learns that:•Toothless’ favourite fish, noting which ones he likes the best and which ones he hates (eels)•Where he prefers to be scratched (behind the ears then under the chin) •Learns he loves “Dragon Nip” (cat nip for dragons)Counterconditioning:Hiccup uses counterconditioning to train Toothless to wear a saddle and gear for flying. Eventually resulting in him being able to ride and fly with Toothless.No punishment or force is involved with the training of Toothless despite the fact that it’s against viking tradition (sound familiar?). Not only is Toothless trained with positive reinforcement Hiccup is able to generalize the knowledge he has gained from training Toothless and applied it across the many subspecies of dragons. In the end Hiccup shows his entire village that the use of aversive training, which had been used for centuries, is unneeded and the village becomes a positive reinforcement-based Dragon Utopia. We should take note from the Dragon Training world. In fact, dragons are arguably more dangerous than anything we could possibly train so if Dragons can be trained with Positive Reinforcement, so can your animals! ...
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2 weeks ago

Canine Interaction
Great to see Matt and Gatsby doing great work on the foreshore. ...
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1 month ago

Canine Interaction
Check out the new “Scentsory” garden. Calm activities outside the hone are so valuable. ...
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2 months ago

Canine Interaction
Call Out to the late night dog walkers!!!You know the ones, you take your dog out past 10pm just so your dog doesn't see another dog. You avoid, hoping that a dog doesn't appear from around the corner, because that's when it starts. The barking and lunging. You feel embarrassed, nervous and are left wondering what to do. Meet 2 of our Barky and Lunge-y dogs. They have a safe place available and time to move and their own space. These 2 met each other for the first time only 20mins prior to this picture. Our short sessions, managed activities and lots of space allow us to make good progress, continued visits allows the dogs to generalise not to just 1 dog but many. If you think Barky N Lunge-y is a good program for you and your dog click here: ...
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