Group Training

Fundamental Dog Training Program

How you navigate adolescence and adult hood will determine the success of the 3 key things I know every dog owner desires.


Loose Leash Walking

Reliable recall 

Exhibiting calm behaviour when desired.


Our foundation program is designed to give you the fundamentals for each of these goals.


By now you’ve complete puppy school or your finding your adolescent dog has become ‘stubborn’ or ‘disobedient’


In actual fact your puppy is on the cusp of a major developmental period.  This is the time where you are no longer the single most important thing in your dogs life, harsh to hear, I know, but this is reality.


So, how do you navigate this new life stage that avoids you butting heads, causing friction and conflict in your previously harmonious existence.


You need learn to work with what you’ve got in front of you!


Whether it be leash walking, recalling or exhibiting calm behaviour when desired, you’ve got to learn the essential tools to help you work with your young dog, right now!

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Our workshops are designed to navigate through the areas of dog training that you might be lacking or have extra interest in. It might be for skills, fun or even health.

Workshops are available on completion of our Thriving Puppy Program or our Fundamental Dog Training Program.

Workshops include:

  • Rapid Recall
  • Discovery Walks - In the real world
  • Dogs and Kids
  • Canine First Aid
  • Enrichment
  • Proprioception and Movement Puzzles
  • Scent Work
  • Dog and Baby Preparation - Dogs and Storks
  • + many more

Contact us to see when the next workshop of your interest is, and if you haven't already, to book into our Puppy or Foundation program.