Animal Assisted Mentoring

What is animal assisted mentoring?

Animal Assisted Mentoring (or AAM) consists of using animals in a mentoring and support environment. At Canine Interaction we use your animal (generally a dog) to help you in accessing the community, learning new skills and communication/social interactions.

Activities can only be accessed in pet friendly locations as the dogs are not classified as Assistance or Therapy dogs.

Mentoring sessions can include:

  • Going for a walk
  • Training your dog new skills
  • Learning new skills in pet ownership
  • Trying new things
  • Reading / Homework
  • Going for a coffee
  • And much much more...

The sessions are created to help you meet your goals.

Animal Assisted Mentoring is available for Self Managed / Plan Managed NDIS participants. We also welcome privately funded participants.

It's important that Animal Assisted Mentoring is meeting your goals in your plan. AAM can be invoiced using Core or Capacity Building lines.

Animal Assisted Mentoring can:

  • Improve your confidence and wellbeing while getting out with your dog
  • Improve social interactions and community involvement
  • Learn new skills with your dog by your side
  • Meeting new people
  • Improve physical activity
  • and more

Can NDIS funding be used?

Canine Interaction are able to invoice self funded and plan managed participants. We use lines under Core (Access Community/Social supports) and Capacity Building (Skills Building)

We recommend discussing with your support coordinator or plan manager to ensure you will be covered.

young girl kneels on ground with a labrador on lead preparing to go for a walk

lady with a disability is sitting and having a cuddle with a dog who is looking at camera


Do I need to have my own dog?

There is an option to use Megan's dog, but we enjoy helping you use your dog, over time the emotional support from your dog will help you do these activities with just you and your dog.

Can we use other animals?

We are working hard in the background preparing for our new farm, where Animal Assisted Mentoring can be done with other species. In the meantime, it would depend on the animal and the activities you are wanting to be involved in. Contact Us to discuss.

Can I use someone else's dog?

As above mentions, there is a benefit for using your own dog. However, not everyone has their own dog and we wouldn't want you to miss out. So yes, this is possible. Contact Us to discuss the suitability.

Are all dogs suitable for Animal Assisted Mentoring?

Dogs need to not be reactive or aggressive. They also need to be confident in the environments that the activities will be occurring. Dogs will be accessed for this suitability. If your dog is not suitable in some activities we can do more suitable activities. All dogs must be ok with people in their home as Megan will be in your home regularly.

Dog Training is mentioned, what kind of training can we do?

Our focus is on teaching you new skills, particularly skills that will help you now and in the future. We can teach your dog anything that meets that requirement. If you are not sure please contact us to discuss.