Kids make the best Dog Trainers!

Has your Child begged you for a dog and wants to be involved in the training?

Have you taken them with you to other classes, but they haven't been as included as they would've liked?

We are bringing you our 4 week Junior Handler program. This is dog training for Children aged 8-15 years. They are in control, you can wait on site or wait in the car (you can still watch from there). Our trainers will work with your child/ren to train the family dog.

These sessions are great for kids looking for a new hobby, to make some friends with similar interests and build new skills. We fully welcome those that are neuro-divergent or have higher needs. A dog is a great asset to bringing people together.

Recommended for Children/Youth who:

  • Are 8-15 years of age - contact us if your child may be outside this bracket
  • Is confident with their own dog
  • Wants to participate
  • Is able to handle some form of treat for the dog - we are able to give options for those who may have sensory issues to most treat types.

Requirements for the Dog:

  • Must be social/calm around dogs and people
  • Is able to take treats in different (novel) environments eg park, streets and car parks
  • Doesn't become anxious in new environments - they will not be able to work well and this can be frustrating for the child
  • Dogs are tethered at the beginning of the course to ensure safety, which means big dogs are more than welcome.

Do you have 1 dog, but 2 kids?

We want to help, there's nothing harder than having to sit out while a sibling is having fun. We are happy to have 2 handlers for 1 dog. If they can share this responsibility. If not, we can rotate the handler each week.

The course is 4 weeks long and can be repeated if the child wishes, we continue to edit the criteria for those that have been prior.

Each week is 30-40mins long and includes basic training, tricks and games, dog safety, calm and control exercises.

Our head trainer has a current Police Clearance and Working With Children Check.

10yo training her groodle

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