Join The Dog Safe Snake Avoidance Program

Personal instruction and customised to you and your dog, no "one-size-fits-all" protocol.
Enjoy the learning process with fear-free clicker training techniques.
Convenient online learning and live workshops with instructor feedback on your videos.

Clearly Defined Avoidance Behaviour

You choose snake avoidance behaviour that suits your needs.

Your dog will learn to indicate to you they've noticed a snake by coming to you and doing your "indication" behaviour.

If your dog is outside at your property, set up your safe space and train a safety behaviour to reduce your dog's risk of being bitten.

Learn how to train your dog, and you’ll be able to maintain your own snake avoidance training, and train future dogs!

New Clicker-Training Based Program!

Fear-free training will not create anxiety in your dog! Old fashioned snake training methods can give unpredictable results.

Benefits include:

  • improve your dog's recall
  • proof for reliability despite distractions,
  • learn to teach a precision behaviour;
  • enjoy fun learning with your dog.

BONUS: No Live Snakes are needed!

Combined On-demand And Live Classes

Online learning allows you to fit training in around your schedule. Revisit information when you need it.

Begin your training at home, in a low distraction learning environment. Your shy or hyper dog is welcome! You won't need to struggle with focus in a group setting.

Share your progress videos with your peers, ask questions and get feedback to help you progress.

Enrolment pre-requisite

To ensure you are successful throughout the program a basic level of force free training is required.

We ask to see videos of a few behaviours, however, if you need help with this first we have a intro to these training techniques course available to get you started and up to requirement quickly.

We will discuss your skills with you through the booking process.

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